Transformers: Age of Extinction Toys

With the new Transformers film now showing at your local multiplex, we thought it was high time to share a couple of great new Transformers toys we have in stock at Comaco Toys. Both toys are exclusive tie in products with Transformers: Age of Extinction. Both are car ramp racing sets suitable for ages 3+.  The first features one racing car, a super ramp with two loops and a Grimlock Transformer. Check out the great pictures below of the Transformers Grimlock Set

Transformers Grimlock Box

Transformers Grimlock Box

Transformers Grimlock

Transformers Grimlock Car Racing Ramp

Transformers Grimlock Detail

Transformers Grimlock Detail

The second set is the fantastic Transformers Optimus Prime Challenge Car Track. This jumbo boxed set features a car ramp concealed inside a Transformers Optimus Prime truck. Two racing cars are included – Bumblebee and Lockdown – plus two identity discs.

Transformers Optimus Prime Challenge Truck Open

Transformers Optimus Prime Challenge

Transformers Optimus Prime Challenge (Truck Closed)

Transformers Optimus Prime Challenge (View 2)

Bumblebee and Lockdown discs

Bumblebee and Lockdown discs from Transformers Optimus Prime Challenge Set

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